DATE: April 21, 2017
EVENT: Wyan Knot Run the Dotte

DATE: April 30, 2017
EVENT: Wood Memorial Trout Run
PICTURES: not available for this event
RESULTS:   5K Agegroup   5K Overall   10K Agegroup   10K Overall

DATE: May 5, 2017
EVENT: Albion Run
PICTURES: Non-Available
RESULTS:  5K Results   10K Results

DATE: May , 2017
EVENT: Gateway Triathlons
RESULTS:  Event Cancelled Due to Flooding

DATE: May , 2017
EVENT: Tri for Joe
PICTURES:  Coming Soon
RESULTS:   Sprint Triathlon Overall   Sprint Triathlon Agegroup
Super Sprint Triathlon   Relay/Aquabike   5k Run

DATE: May 28, 2017
EVENT: 38th Seahorse Challenge
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:  Sprint Overall   Sprint Agegroup   Olympic Overall
Super Sprint, Aquabike, Relay

DATE: May , 2017
EVENT: Big Fish Triathlon & Duathlon
PICTURES: Coming Soon

DATE: June 3, 2017
EVENT: Row, Ride, Run presented by The DOW Chemical Company
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:   Individual Kayak Overall   Individual Kayak Agegroup   Relays / Teams

DATE: June 11, 2017
EVENT: Big Fish Triathlon/Duathlon
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:  Sprint Tri Overall   Sprint Tri Agegroup   Olympic Tri Overall
Olympic Tri Agegroup   Duathlon   Aquabike / Relay / Super Sprint

DATE: June 14, 2017
EVENT: Cannonball Swim/Run #1
PICTURES: Not Available
RESULTS:  Long Course   Sprint Course

DATE: June 18, 2017
EVENT: Lumberman Triathlon
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:  Sprint Triathlon   Olympic Triathlon   Aquabike / SuperSprint / KayaTRI

DATE: June 24, 2017
EVENT: East Jordan Triathlon
PICTURES: Not Available for this Event

DATE: June 25, 2017
EVENT: Motor City Triathlon
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:   Sprint Tri Overall   Sprint Tri Agegroup
Olympic Tri Overall   Olympic Tri Agegroup   Super Sprint   Relay / Aquabike

DATE: June 26, 2016
EVENT: Lumberman
PICTURES: Event Cancelled Due to Inclement Weather
RESULTS: Event Cancelled Due to Inclement Weather

DATE: June 26, 2016
EVENT: Belle River Triathlon & Duathlon
PICTURES: Not Available for this Event
RESULTS:   Short Triathlon   Long Triathlon   Short Duathlon   Long Duathlon
Draft Legal   Kayak Triathlon

DATE: June 29, 2016
EVENT: Cannonball Run – #1
PICTURES: Not Available for this Event
RESULTS:   Long Course Aquathon   Sprint Course Aquathon

DATE: July 4, 2017
EVENT: Boyne Independence Day Run
PICTURES: Not Available for this Event
RESULTS: 2mi Overall   2mi Agegroup   10k Overall   10k Agegroup

DATE: July 4, 2017
EVENT: TRI on the 4th of July
PICTURES: Not Available for this Event
RESULTS: Triathlon Overall   Triathlon Agegroup   Duathlon   Aquabike Relay

DATE: July 6, 2017
EVENT: Motor City Mile
PICTURES: Not Available for this Event
RESULTS:   1 Mile – MEN   1 Mile – WOMEN   5K Swim    1/2 Mile – MEN
1/2 Mile – WOMEN   

DATE: July 9, 2017
EVENT: InterROCKIN Triathlon & Duathlon
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:  Sprint Agegroup   Sprint Overall   Olympic Agegroup  Olympic Triathlon Overall
Super Sprint   Aquabike / Relay   Kaya-Tri   Duathlon

DATE: July 14, 2017
EVENT: Albion 5k/10k History Hustle
PICTURES: None Available
RESULTS:   5K Run   10K Run

DATE: July 15, 2017
EVENT: Sister Lakes Triathlons
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:  Sprint Overall   Sprint Agegroup   Olympic Tri Agegroup   Olympic Tri Overall
Relay / Aquabike

DATE: July 16, 2017
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:   Sprint Tri Overall   Long Course Tri   Super Sprint Tri   Aquabike / Relay

DATE: July 21, 2017
EVENT: The Hero Run
PICTURES: None Available At this Time

DATE: July 22, 2017
EVENT: Dream, Believe, Achieve Triathlons
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:   Sprint Triathlon Overall   Sprint Triathlon Agegroup   Super Sprint   Olympic Triathlon   Kaya-TRI / Aquabike

DATE: July 30, 2016
EVENT: The Bavarian Inn Experience Triathlon
PICTURES: None Available
RESULTS: Current ResultsArchived

DATE: July 30, 2016
EVENT: Cannonball Run – Teamp ATP
PICTURES: None Available
RESULTS: Short Course Aquathon   Long Course Aquathon

DATE: August 6, 2016
EVENT: Sanford & Sun
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:   Sprint Overall   Sprint Triathlon Agegroup   Olympic Triathlon Overall   Olympic Triathlon Agegroup   Super Sprint Triathlon   Duathlon   Relay & Aquabike

DATE: August 6, 2016
EVENT: Kids for Hospice Triathlon
RESULTS:   Youth Triathlon   Youth Duathlon

DATE: August 7, 2016
EVENT: Tecumseh Triathlon/Duathlon
RESULTS:   Triathlon Results   Duathlon Results   Try-A-Tri Results   Do-A-Du Results

DATE: August 13, 2016
EVENT: Girls Best Friend Triathlon
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:   Sprint Triathlon Overall   Sprint Triathlon Age Group   Olympic Triathlon
Aquabike, Relay, Kaya-TRI

DATE: August 14, 2016
EVENT: Petoskey Triathlon
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:   Sprint Triathlon Overall   Sprint Triathlon Age Group
Olympic Triathlon Overall   Kaya-TRI   Aquabike, Relay

DATE: August 19, 2016
EVENT: Hope Glows 5k 
RESULTS:   5k Overall

DATE: August 20, 2016
EVENT: XTERRA Rockport Rugged
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:    Sprint Triathlon   Olympic Triathlon   Relay / Aquabike / Kaya-TRI

DATE: August 21, 2016
EVENT: Ludington Lighthouse
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:  Sprint Duathlon Overall   Sprint Duathlon Agegroup
Olympic Duathlon Overall  Olympic Duathlon Agegroup   Super Sprint Duathlon
Relay & Aquabike

DATE: August 23, 2016
EVENT: Cannonball Run – Team ATP
LOCATION: Hiathco Park * Saginaw, MI
RESULTS:  Olympic Aquabike   Sprint Aquabike   Aquabike Relay

DATE: September 4, 2016
EVENT: MI Triathlon / Duathlon Championship
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS: Sprint Triathlon Overall  Sprint Triathlon Agegroup Olympic Triathlon Overall
Olympic Triathlon Agegroup  Super Sprint Triathlon   Relay & Aquabike
Duathlon Overall

DATE: September 17, 2016
EVENT: Tri the Creek
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:  Sprint Triathlon Agegroup   Sprint Triathlon Overall
Olympic Triathlon Agegroup   Olympic Triathlon Overall   Super Sprint Triathlon
Relay & Kaya-TRI

DATE: September 25, 2016
EVENT: Powerman Michigan
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:   Powerman Age Group   Powerman Overall   Sprint Duathlon Age Group
Sprint Duathlon Overall  Sprint Duathlon Relay

DATE: October 2, 2016
EVENT: Thumb Triathlon in Caro
PICTURES: Coming Soon
RESULTS:   Triathlon Overall   Triathlon Agegroup   Triathlon Relay

DATE: December 11, 2016
EVENT: Powerman Florida – Ocala
PICTURES: Not Available for this Event
RESULTS:    Elite Classic   Powerman Classic  Powerman Short
Super Sprint Powerman